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Week menu

Bekijk hier het Nederlandse menu en ontdek wat je deze week kunt eten!

Check the English menu here and find out what’s for lunch this week!

Take away

Take Away

Working at home and don’t feel like cooking? If you are not at the office, but would still like to enjoy a meal from Restour, you can order your take away meal via email.

Follow the roadmap below, it’s super easy!

  1. Have look at the weekly menu on the Restour website on the intranet of the EPO under Life/canteens and shops/what’s on the menu today.
  2. Choose one or several meals or salads from the day that you can come to the office and pick up your take away options.
  3. Email the order at least 1 day in advance to Restour at
  4. You can collect and pay for your ordered items between 11:30 and 13:30 in the restaurant of the Hinge.
  5. We will ensure your meals have been cooled and sealed, ready for heating up in the microwave or oven. Preparation instructions are included.

Enjoy the convenience of a meal from Restour at home!

Allergen information


Please do be aware of cross contamination!

Allergen information

Allergen information of unlabeled products and dishes is always in sight or near by these products. If you have any questions or if something about the information isn’t clear, feel free to ask. Our kitchen team can always help you out.

The icons Restour uses:
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“The new gluten free breads are super nice, well done! Can I ask you where you bought these? I would like to buy them for at home.” ​

“Compliments on the very nicely arranged breakfast event this morning in the VIP room. Very much appreciated, thank you!” ​